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Adrian is absolutely amazing from start to finish, and some! I appreciate her taking the time to make sure my Website Refresh was exactly what I envisioned. Her attention to detail; Sourcing the best theme, giving thoughtful feedback on elements that truly matter in my service industry. Her patience and realistic time frames and commitment to delivering everything I asked for is unmatched. I highly recommend and look forward to working with her in the future!

~ M. Ross

I cannot give ChicDivaGeek enough Praise!!!! It works with my nonprofit, Life Journeys Writers Guild, Inc., as well. Everything is ALWAYS executed in a timely fashion, on point (meaning my instructions are expertly received, even sometimes better than I can convey them), and the IT knowledge, graphic talent, and cost are ALL on point! The grammar, spelling, and presentation are routinely excellent! Years ago, I was referred to ChicDivaGeek, because the person/company I had been using couldn't come close to what I have now. I was desperate and frustrated to tears due to the pure job for which I was paying.
CHICDIVAGEEK is a lovely spot in IT Heaven!!!!

~ Y. Medley

Adrian is always amazing to work with. Very knowledgeable and efficient. She's very helpful and delivers clear and concise work.

~G. Johnson

So very grateful to have crossed paths with Adrian. Her wealth of knowledge, willingness to help and top tier customer service make her the best and most kind tech professional I have ever encountered. I can also attest that even years after the projects were completed she still serves as a resource anytime I have a question or concern. Anything tech related I come to her because I know she operates with integrity, grace and passion. Thank you so much Adrian!!!!

~ M. Cooke

I discovered Adrian (chicdivageek ) through other satisfied customers … then it was that name for me 




I contracted with Adrian to prepare my first ever website for my first ever small business. These are criteria for “not knowing what you don’t know”.  My intuition led me to put my full faith and trust in her… and Adrian gave me the guidance I needed .  She did not disappoint. I’m grateful and appreciative of the website she produced and the relationship we have established.  I have and will continue to stay in touch with her for additional services 

~T. Stroman

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