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Tech Accessory Nostalgia: Trapper Keeper Cases for your tablet

Photo Credit: Kensington Blog If your anywhere near an 80s kid or attend grade school in the 90s, then you recognize the picture immediately, yes it's a Trapper Keeper, but it's for your tablet! Everyone remembers going back to school shopping and always wanting to get the coolest designed Trapper Keeper (I mean we had to find some reason to get excited about lugging around notebooks and doing homework right?) I was all too infamous for just throwing things in there and snapping the Velcro shut. Kensington has partnered with Mead and Trapper Keeper to make a new line of tablet cases that will take us all back to that time, without taking us all the way back. They will come in sizes for both 10" and 8" tablets. They are priced between $24.99 and $29.99 and will ship in September. Hopefully they come out with some more abstract designs. Check out what they have here: Kensington ~ChicDivaGeek

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