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BBM for iOS and Android is here!

After months of waiting and some not so good fortune for it's parent company, the Blackberry messenger app, or more commonly known as BBM has arrived for iOS and Android. I don't know about you but that was one of my favorite features on the Blackberry, and now I don't have to have one to use it. It is quite frankly a really good chat app, too bad Blackberry didn't take on that innovation before the smartphone onslaught from Android and iPhone.

The app was released on Monday and has already reached an upwards of over 7 million downloads, those are pretty impressive numbers. The BBM app has a nice fluid functionality and I've always liked the fact that it allows you to chat with people without giving out your number, just connect using your PIN (which is still generates in the app by the way). The actual download was supposed to give first priority to those who signed up for the email alert, if you didn't sign up then you would get the message you had to wait prior to using the app. But if you download the app, launch it, then shut down the app and reopen you can get around this. The app makes you feel a little nostalgic thinking about when having a Blackberry was the cool device to have. But if you get a chance download it, it's pretty cool.

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