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X-Box backpedals on Internet and used game policy

A little over a week after their big presentation at E3, Microsoft is already getting rid of it's policies on used games and constant internet connectivity. If you remember they were initially requiring that the Xbox connect back to the Xbox servers at least once every 24 hours or the gaming functionality would be disabled. They were also not allowing the playing of used/rented games, so no more sharing games with family. Well yesterday on the Xbox blog, Don Mattrick, the President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft, stated that there will not be a requirement to be connected to the internet if you are playing offline games. The Xbox One will function the same way the Xbox 360 does. Also noted that there will be no restrictions on using and sharing games. This was no doubt due to the backlash from angry Xbox users. Also noteworthy you will be able to download games from Xbox Live the same day that they are released. Source: Xbox Blog: Xbox Wire

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