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T-Mobile now offering 200MB free mobile internet data for tablets

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T-Mobile is now offering 200MB of free mobile internet for tablets! How cool is that? But the part that really should get people is that you can either purchase a new tablet from T-Mobile with no money down and get the free data or you can bring in your own tablet (must be 3G/4G capable, not wifi only) and get the free data.

Now 200MB doesn't seem like alot and in this day and age of so many data dependent apps, email and things of that nature, but it's still pretty neat. Of course this is more tailored for those who mainly use their tablet on WiFi and would only use it on the go occasionally. But from a business perspective this gets you to try out T-Mobile's network and see if you like it, and I see people going over, and in those cases they will get more money out of the deal. The only real catch for those people not buying a tablet from T-Mobile, is that you have to pay $10 for the SIM card, but that's a drop in the hat when you think about it. Also the tablets are no money down and the payments are broken up over 24 months.

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