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It's ok to not be ok, teens develop NotOK app to reach out for help

We all have days when we're not alright.  Some days we're a superhero and other days we need to be saved.  These types of days happen to the best of us, but if you noticed lately there are alot of our kids that are not ok.  Being a teenager or preteen comes with it's own set of challenges, you're not quite an adult, you're not a little kid.  I think that it's awesome that it's Black History Month and two black teenaged siblings decided to create an app that helps address not being ok, the NotOk App

What is the NotOk App? The NotOk App is a digital panic button to get you immediate support by call, text or your actual location using GPS. You open the app tap the button and a message is sent to your trusted contacts (3-5 people that you select) along with your location (via GPS).  This allows you to reach out for help whether it's a physical medical emergency, depression, loneliness, anxiety, or suicidal thoughts. You can also send an update letting your contacts know that you're ok after you've gotten help. The app was developed by Hannah and Charlie Lucas, brother and sister.  The idea grew after Hannah developed POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, it's a condition that causes her to faint). Hannah needed a way to reach to let people know she wasn't ok.  Charlie not being able to always be there to catch his sister if she fainted, or being able to take her to a doctor's appointment knew he would be able to help her with her idea of making this app though.  Combining Hannah's brain child and Charlie's technical know how, the NotOk app was born. The app itself is free to download for iOS and Android, but to use it there's a small subscription fee of $2.99/month.  This helps these two young entrepreneurs cover hosting fees, maintenance for this amazing app.

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