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It does that?...A few helpful tricks in iOS 11 you probably don't know about

I don't know about you but I was excited for iOS 11 to be officially released.  But here we are a couple of months later and I'm slowly leaning towards this being one of Apple's buggiest releases ever.  Seriously I think there have been about 5 updates since it's original release.  That "i" question mark issue was probably the most notable and annoying.  Aside from that there are some features that you might want to take advantage of besides the emojis.


So we all use Siri even if it's only every once in a while or for the jokes.  Seriously ask Siri what you should be for Halloween. In iOS 11 you don't have to talk to Siri, you can type to Siri.  Have a text message convo with your favorite virtual assistant.  You can configure this by going to Settings-->General-->Accessibility-->Siri, and toggle on the Type to Siri option. 

FaceTime Live Photos Now this isn't an amazing new feature, if you know how to screenshot on your phone (just hold your home button and your lock button) then you've already been able to capture a FaceTime call.  But now there is an option that allows you to take FaceTime Live photos with the touch of a button.  I think it's a feature that is automatically turned on but not used.  While you're on a FaceTime call you should see a small white circle to the left of the end call button in the center. If it's not there then do the following, Settings-->FaceTime-->scroll to the bottom and turn on the feature.

PDF Markup This may not be high up on the things you need but when you do it definitely comes in handy.  So the PDF markup feature. If you're browsing the web and come across a page or like a recipe on a site, you can save it as a PDF. You know that little upward arrow in the middle at the bottom when you're using Safari, hit that, then scroll over and you should see an option to create a PDF. Once it's created you've got the option to markup (write/make notes) on the PDF.  So this really comes in handy if you're trying to throw your signature on something and send it back on the go too!

Shutdown your device sans the power button In more computer OS like behavior iOS 11 has added the ability to shutdown your phone from within the OS.  This is handy if you've got a phone with a janky power button.  Even though in that instance you should be at the Apple Store getting some assistance. But it's good to know it's there..even though you'll end up like this eventually

Sharing is Caring.... So how often do you go somewhere and you need to connect to wifi...don't answer almost everywhere right? You go to a family member's house and you need to get on the wifi and they don't remember or know the password.  If they've got an iPhone like you, and you're on the same network when they try to connect it'll ask you if you want to share the password with them to connect.  Seriously sharing the Wifi password is caring.

One more thing..those apps you don't use We've all downloaded a ton of apps, especially if they are free.  But often times we may use them for that one thing and then it just sits on our phone collecting digital dust.  We think to delete them when we get that "running low on space" message.  Well with the Offload unused apps feature, this will automatically remove unused apps when you're running out of space but it will save the data and documents.  You can enable this by going to Settings-->General-->iPhone Storage, and click enable. It is the end of the year so this can help you declutter for the new year. So have you tried any of the new features? Are you just over iOS 11 all together?

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