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Grab and Go grocery shopping with Amazon Go!

(Photo: Amazon)

Are you fan of self-checkout? Me too! And if you're like me I also loathe when people get in the self checkout line and don't know how to use it *sigh*. It's not enough that Amazon has a your wallet in a chokehold's now opening brick and mortar stores so you can shop and...go!

Amazon Go aims to change the way you shop by eliminating the checkout process..walk in...pick up the items you want and walk out. Simple right? How does this work if there is no checkout? Well you download the Amazon Go app, use it to enter the store, it detects the items you pick up and it charges your account when you leave. Oh and if you change your mind while you're in the store and don't want that bag of Brownie Brittle, no worries, it will detect that you put it back and remove it from your cart automatically. Pretty cool right? Now this isn't Walmart so don't think you'll be able to do all your shopping there, they'll have things like ready made meals by chefs, pastries from local bakeries, and artisan cheeses. So it's like a boutique style grocery store or a tiny Wegman's. Now for the bad news the store is in Seattle, WA. It is also currently only open to Amazon employees, but Amazon plans to have it open to the public in early 2017. So if you are in Seattle sometime next year you can stop by. ~ChicDivaGeek

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