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Google I/O Highlights

Photo Credit: Google Last week Google held it's annual I/O conference and unveiled what the company has coming down the pipeline. From updates to Android OS, to more wearable tech, and updates to it's Chrome OS. Let's take a look at some of the highlights! I'm sure if most of you don't have an iOS device then you probably have a phone that runs Android OS of some kind. Well there is a new Android OS in the works, it's named (for right now) Android L. Promising better battery power, even a feature called Battery Historian which will help you see which apps are using most of your battery. It also touts owner detection, so no more spirit fingers to unlock your Android device. And like iOS it will be bringing notifications to the lock screen. Another big announcement, is Android Auto. Your phone connects to the LCD inside the car, you control it from the car. You can then take advantage of voice control to your music, and it appears that the use of Google Maps will be easier, I mean that makes sense right? What good would incorporating any device into your car if you can't use navigation apps? Chromecast, which is Google's streaming device, also has some updates, including more app support and the ability to screencast photos to the device and showing off that trip to Hawaii to a room full of people without having to pass your phone around the room. Chrome OS is seemingly being made to work better with Android OS, so you will be able to get call notifications on your Chromebook. Oh and did I mention that GoogleFit is coming? This will of course tie into all of the devices, including Android Wear, which will be Android on your wrist. Looks like all the major tech companies are throwing their hats into the wearable tech ring. The bottom line is, they are definitely keeping up with the latest trends, and not all the details were shared, so as soon as I know more you will! ~ ChicDivaGeek

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