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Give Allowance to your kids by using amazon allowance


Amazon is the place you can shop for just about allows you to dole out allowance as well. This feature which has been active for about 5 months, allows Amazon customers send one time transfers or recurring monthly, biweekly, weekly, or daily amounts to someone else. The funds are only allowed to be used on Amazon so it's like a re-loadable gift card. But you can literally buy almost anything on Amazon.

Things to know about Amazon Allowance:

  1. Recipients who receive it must be age 13 and above.

  2. All you need is the recipient's email to send

  3. You can give Amazon Allowance to someone who doesn't have an Amazon account, they will be prompted to created one to claim the allowance.

Pretty simple right? So you can let your kid go Christmas shopping online without the fear of them having credit card information and they can actually surprise you!


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