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Favorite features in iOS 11

September has arrived and you know what that means right?? Besides back to school, it means that the next official iOS is rolling out! So of course because I've been testing the beta version and this one is going to be a good one! So I thought I'd share my favorite features with you so far!

Screen Recording

Yes we can take screenshots, but this new feature is a huge bump for those of us that like to share how-to's and overall easier content creating period!  I really think this is my FAVORITE feature. Think about not having to drudge through each step to help that not so tech-savvy family member or friend.  I'm sure there are a few other ways this can be used like when you're trying to share a video on your phone but can't upload it or download it (not in a piracy kind of way guys

Control over the Control Center You know that little menu you swipe up from the bottom of the screen..yeah that one.  I like that in iOS 11 you can add things to it or remove them! If I don't want the camera or flashlight there I can remove them.  Now the standard parts like the music, bluetooth, wifi can't be removed but that's not a big deal and quite frankly for quick access they should remain.

Save Passwords feature There's a vault if you will for your passwords, if you're like me and chances you are if you've got a smartphone of any kind.  You can now store passwords for different sites on your phone.  If you work in an enterprise environment you may be familiar with this type of technology.  And you need touch ID enabled to access it so it's not simply knowing the passcode you created to get in there.

Notes --- Not new but improved! You can now do more with your notes! You can scan receipts, take pictures or video directly from within notes or add photos from your camera roll! Sometimes you need to do a bit more when taking notes and this definitely helps, you can even add tables into it.  Productivity boost!

iMessage Now I'm sure you thought I was about to go right into raving about new emojis right? Not quite even though I love a good emoji and the engineer and the face palm girl are my favorites lol. But the improved accessibility to apps designed with iMessage capabilities is really good! You can access the app store for iMessage directly while composing a message and the developers are getting in on this too, by adding the functionality to apps, like Cash App, Starbucks, and more.  Who wouldn't want to open a iMessage a see a Starbucks gift card??? My husband and I are preparing to navigate the home buying process and I can access the homes I saved in Zillow and share them via iMessage! *excuse my adult excitement lol* There are sure to be a ton of announcements today as the Apple Event goes live at 1pm EST/10am PT. Make sure you come back and check my recap that will be live tomorrow or follow me over on Twitter as I'll be live tweeting @ChicDivaGeek

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