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An app...for your driver's license

Photo credit: William Petroski/Des Moines Register

Ever find yourself fumbling around in your wallet or purse for your license? Well the state of Iowa may be working on a solution to that. The Iowa Department of Transportation is preparing to launch a smartphone application that will allow drivers to have their license on their smartphone. In this age where everything is digital it does kind of make sense, if you can show your car insurance card on your phone, why not your driver's license?

Iowa DOT said that the app will come at no additional cost to the drivers, and they are also pushing for a very secure app, with it having pin number verification. The application is expected sometime in 2015. There is also talk in New Jersey of a drivers license app, State Senator Thomas Kean Jr is planning on proposing a bill to look into the feasibility of a electronic drivers license. Not sure how this is going to play out, will this open the doors for phony apps that do the same thing, similar to tangible fake IDs? What are your thoughts?


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